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Unknown Parasite from Thailand

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Millions of lives and billions of dollars are spent each year in the fight against Drug Resistance.  We are winning battles but losing the war.

Most research to date has focused on understanding drug resistance in a specific disease.  However, we know there are parallels in drug resistance mechanisms and pathways among various diseases.  New understanding of the parallels in this nascent field will lead to novel solutions in drug design, development and delivery.

A focused, multidisciplinary effort would save lives, make drugs more sustainable and lead to more innovation and economic growth.  Yet today there exists no professional societies and only one conference that focuses solely on the issue of drug resistance.  The time is ripe to capture the diverse knowledge base regarding drug resistance and translate these findings into practices that impact drug research and design.

Founded in 2009, the Institute for Drug Resistance is the only organization in the world with a mission to foster collaborative, cross-disease research for the purpose of accelerating the design, development and delivery of resilient therapeutic agents such that drug resistance is avoided.

Since it’s founding, the IDR has assumed leadership of the effort to explore molecular similarities that exist in the emergence of drug resistance among different states of quickly evolving diseases.  We bring together stakeholders in the fight against drug resistance through the evolution of our virtual Institute that supports multi-institutional research collaborations, traditional workshops and conferences, and the development of a web-based portal of drug resistance specific knowledge and resources.

Our Mission and focus is to:

  • Promote and facilitate multidisciplinary collaborations and approaches to the challenge of drug resistance;
  • Advocate that drug resistance considerations be central in strategic drug-design; and
  • Increase the number of effective therapeutic drugs and strategies to combat drug resistance in quickly evolving diseases

If you are passionate about this challenge, we want your input!