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Basis capitulum of Ixodes dammini

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By Steve Baragona
Washington, D.C.
25 August 2009

Evidence of TB, a bacterial respiratory disease, can be found in a chest x-ray

A new study shows that misuse of a class of antibiotic drugs called fluoroquinolones is creating drug-resistant strains of tuberculosis, or TB, a bacterial respiratory disease that the World Health Organization says kills two million people worldwide each year. The finding dims hopes that the drug could be used more widely to treat this deadly disease.

By Martin Enserink
ScienceNOW Daily News
9 April 2009

Call it a therapeutic twofer. A group of new drugs against malaria does more than just kill parasites; it may also restore the efficacy of a generation of older drugs called quinolines to which parasites around the world have become resistant.

By Gretchen Vogel
ScienceNOW Daily News
29 July 2009

The malaria fighters' nightmare has appeared in western Cambodia: parasites with resistance to the world's most effective drugs. The new find is a blow to hopes that humanity might eliminate the disease in the coming decades. It also highlights, say researchers, the urgent need for beefed-up malaria control along the Thai-Cambodian border and more action worldwide against misuse of malaria drugs.