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Arabidopsis Resistance Database

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Genes encoding the NBS-LRR protein motifs comprise one of the most prevalent classes in plant genomes. To date, the only demonstrated function for these genes is in disease or pest resistance. However, NBS-LRR proteins may also be involved in other aspects of plant biology. These proteins are one of ~5 classes of plant resistance genes (reviewed in Baker et al., 1997; Bent et al., 1996).

The NBS (nucleotide binding site) is a common protein motif in all organisms, occurs in numerous structural forms, and functions to bind ATP or GTP (Saraste et al., 1990; Walker et al., 1982). The domains within the NBS include a highly conserved "P-loop" that functions in phosphate binding, followed by additional conserved domains also involved in binding (Traut, 1994). This database focuses on the sub-class of NBS sequences which contain a characteristic set of conserved motifs (van der Biezen and Jones, 1998; Meyers et al., 1999).