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AAPPTec Inc.

6309 Shepherdsville Road, Louisville, KY, 40228, USA
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AAPPTec chemists have been performing custom peptide synthesis for over 25 years. Although AAPPTec is best known for automated peptide synthesizers, they are also a full custom peptide synthesis company. They have supplied the highest quality custom peptide synthesis service at the most competitive prices for many years.

AAPPTec custom peptide synthesis is performed using their multiple peptide synthesizers for faster, high quality and economical custom peptide synthesis since these automated peptide synthesizers can produce 96 different peptides in a short time. They are dedicated to the research, development, manufacture and marketing of diverse peptides and custom peptide synthesis.

AAPPTec custom peptide synthesis service provides custom peptides from milligram research scale to multi-kilogram production scale. AAPPTec uses top quality peptide synthesis resins, reagents and state-of-the-art methods in all custom peptide synthesis to assure the highest yield and purity. Custom peptide synthesis of peptides containing unusual amino acids, modified side chains or other modifications is performed to the same high quality standards as standard peptides. All custom peptide synthesis products are provided with a complete quality control package including HPLC and Mass Spectral Analysis to confirm the purity and identity of the custom peptide.