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B-Bridge International, Inc.

20813 Stevens Creek Blvd, Suite 200, Cupertino, CA, 95014, USA
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imaGenes is partnering with Fasteris SA to offer tailored Next Generation Sequencing services on Illumina Genome Analyzer Systems, suiting your specific research needs at most competitive prices.
Excellent process expertise and consulting, flexible adaptation to specific experimental needs
High Quality Library preparation for different Illumina Sequencing applications, including in-process controls for monitoring
Cutting edge, innovative application pipelines
Solutions for front-end preparatory requirements or further downstream analysis of results:
Customized, array-based enrichment of genomic regions of interest (Re-sequencing)
Bioinformatics Services (assemblies, clustering, mapping, annotations)
Validation and further extension of results - Design of customized microarrays and subsequent study processing on larger sample numbers

Our Deep Sequencing with the Illumina Genome Analyzer produces
data of excellent accuracy, also for templates with challenging base composition
enormous data output at low cost and within reasonable time frames
excellent scaleability options, allowing also for cost-effective processing of smaller project sizes
effective multiplexing of different samples in a single channel possible
only small DNA input amounts required (down to 100 ng and even lower)
easy, robust and less contamination sensitive Sequencing Library Generation
equally well suited for De Novo Sequencing, Re-sequencing / Genotyping, Chip-Seq or Expression Profiling applications