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15 Commercial Street, Branford, CT, 06405, USA
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If acquiring comprehensive sequence data is a time, cost or complexity bottleneck in your research, give it to us. The efficiency and throughput of our technology make projects that were once difficult or impossible to do a reality-today. They have already analyzed hundreds of samples ranging in size from microRNA to whole genomes, in record times, free from the constraints of conventional cloning and Sanger sequencing.

The applications of 454 Sequencing technology are almost boundless. They are continuously expanding the availability of proven applications. In addition, the Center functions as a beta test site for emerging applications and next generation 454 Sequencing systems. The expertise they gain enables them to offer their sequencing service with more scientific rigor and rapid improvement.

The Center is designed and staffed to help researchers maximize the full potential of 454 Sequencing technology with:

High-capacity, state-of-the-art laboratories equipped with Genome Sequencing™ Systems.
Scientific staff with broad and deep technology expertise and extensive 454 Sequencing applications experience.
Consultative assistance before, during, and after a sequencing project.
Ongoing research and collaborations to expand the applications portfolio and number of completed sequences.
Assistance with 454 sequencing data for publications and research through GenBank submissions.