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251 Ballardvale Street, Wilmington, MA, 01887, USA
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Effective early clinical evaluation of new therapeutics is essential for progressing your compound to market approval and requires careful study design, volunteer selection, and clinical oversight. With Charles River’s extensive expertise you can be sure of safe, accurate, and timely implementation of your clinical trials.
Clinical pharmacology studies represent the first introduction of a new drug into human subjects. Given the risks associated with these trials, you need a partner that can effectively customize individual studies and advance your product to the next clinical phase without compromising patient safety. With our experience in both routine and procedurally intensive studies, Charles River has the ability to conduct well-designed clinical safety programs. In addition, we offer expert oversight to correlate and verify preclinical findings.
Our clinicians can assist in determining a drug’s pharmacologic action, metabolism, and side effects, as well as its overall clinical safety, through a wide range of clinical study types. As clinical trials begin, further in vitro and in vivo nonclinical studies performed within our global network of facilities provide additional information to support the continuation of clinical trials. Charles River is world-renowned for its developmental and reproductive toxicology and other specialty toxicology areas, such as inhalation, infusion, and photobiology, all of which are supported by the largest collective group of pathologists in the industry.
We understand the importance of capacity, quality, safety and efficiency when conducting early-phase clinical trials. With expert staff, comprehensive service capabilities and over 250 beds, Charles River has the expertise and resources to successfully execute the full range of early-phase clinical trials to help you achieve your goals.
Whether you need a single study or are looking to outsource a full program, our capacity and portfolio of services allow us to offer more flexibility in scheduling and choice from a comprehensive list of studies, including:
First-in-human (single and multiple ascending dose)
TQT/cardiac safety
Drug-drug interaction
Microdosing and radiolabeled AME
Food effect